Monday, February 23, 2015


Why is there a blue guy standing on top of the asylum. I really should just stop being surprised by the weird shit I see in this town. Oh wait damn is he jumping? Oh yep and now he’s on the ground. I should be shaken up by this right? Why am I not? Whatever. The police will deal with all that. Oh look. There they are now.Well I feel weird for being so apathetic but whatever. Time to go be nice to some old people. Yep. I’m a damn saint. I am so nice. I’m so bored really. For some reason I hate being alone, and I hate doing things where people may talk to me. So old people seemed like a good idea because I know they’re harmless. 

Did no one else hear that? Sounded like a freaking propane tank exploded. Oh wait no here’s that lady that always looks important I’m sure she’ll tell me if this is something I should care about. Got damn Taylor why are you so emotionless today? 

“Hey guys!” Ok this is about to be bad. She’s using her “perky everything’s ok but it’s clearly not but I’m remaining calm not to freak you out voice.” I’ve been volunteering here for like two hours and she’s used it like nine times for crap like spilled mashed potatoes and some dudes oxygen tank being cut off. “There’s been a little accident outside. No need to worry! There’s just been a strange liquid leak and until they can tell us how dangerous it is. We need to evacuate to the asylum.” Woah what? Perky pants said some poison shit just leaked out so now we have to go to the suicide building? Oh nooo.

I can’t do this. I need a drink. Can’t drink alone though that’s depressing. Uhhhh. That Lucia girl seemed nice. Even though she’s kinda covered in that possible blue poison shit. Did she fall? Whatever even though that’s really funny, she could probably use a drink too. My people  skills are improving. All I have to do is ask her to come out with me in a non weird way. “Hey Lucia. You wanna go get a drink at Joe’s?” Smooth. Natural. I did good. “Uhh yeah.” Slight hesitation but a yes is a yes.

Is no one going to acknowledge this fucking Subaru? Holy shit is that Travis? Just hurry up and get to the damn bar Taylor. He can’t do anything if you’re in a crowded place. Aaand I'm safe. Lucia probably thinks I’m weird for getting so freaked out over seeing a car but I swear it was following me. But it’s gone now so I’m just gonna chill. Holy crap. Not chill. Not chill. Wait false alarm thats not Travis. It’s just some dude Lucia knows. 

Ok I need alcohol. Fast. I’m drunk. How manrty did I dryunk? _________________________________________

How’d I get home? What time is it? I’m calling in sick to work. It hurts to be awake.

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  1. Good inclusion of the outside story line and consistent persona. I can see what your motivations are but there seems to be only one- Travis. When including elements from th outside story line try letting it effect you character more. Don't just let it be "oh this happened. Now back to Travis and dance."