Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Goodness gracious today was boring. I guess I could be relieved though? There's usually a bunch of really weird crap happening around here but it seems like the only odd thing was that big ass fight in front of Dreamwood.

So what's up with today? Like, I don't know if I should be worried that everything is  kinda chill or if I should go out and have a normal day here. Hmmmm.

I guess I'll go get coffee? Or I'll go get drunk. So many options. Now last time I went out I got completely shitfaced and woke up on the floor of my apartment. Welp, round 2!


God drinking alone is so sad. I probably look pathetic to everyone in here. They're all like "Who's the ginger with no friends? Wasn't she the one that they dragged out of here a few weeks ago?" Yep fellas. That was me.

Im soo broeddd. And dryunk. Nd sadd. I slpeepy.

This was a bad idea. Oh well