Saturday, February 7, 2015


So this is actually the worst day ever. It's cold and I don't even know why I'm outside right now. All I can think about it Trevid and I hate thinking about Travis.

"Damn these cold pockets!" Is that Leonard? I've never seen him outside of the graveyard before but here he is creaming at the air. Yep. The air. This is my life. This is where I live now. This is where I escaped to. I'm happy though. Or happier at least. It's pretty cool here but it's so weird.

But I mean I chose this. As long as no one is throwing me into walls of tables I think I can deal with some weirdos screaming at the weather. Ok what the hell is that?

Is that that weird psychic lady? She's by a fire... Cool...

This is odd right? Cause I find this really odd. Are those cards? Does she know my future?

"Courage, persistence, test of faith, resilience... My dear" What the fuck does that mean?

Ok I'm officially freaked out. Why aren't I running away? This is some stranger danger type stuff to the highest degree. But I feel safe.  I feel like I could stay here in this awkward silence and stare at this woman forever. I feel like we could just talk and not say anything. This is cool. This is weird as fuck though, but I like it.

"I came here because my ex used to beat me." Why am I saying this? No one knows about this. No ones supposed to know. Stop talking! "I let him do it for three years. I couldn't leave him because I loved him. I had to get away though. I could tell he'd kill me eventually if I stayed." Ok well there goes that whole fresh start and new identity thing.

She's not moving. She's just staring. I guess I'll stare too.


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  2. If you need a little reminder of what happened last night, you're welcome to read about it on my blog.