Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 2

The time is 2:30 ad I am officially done unpacking. Yeah, its kinda sad. I moved in like a month ago and it took me this long to get my tiny ass apartment looking suitable for intelligent human life. Well, better late than never I guess. I could catch the 3 o'clock dance class at the community college if I hurry. But do I wanna hurry? Do I feel like sweating today? Stupid questions but I gotta do something to get myself out of this apartment building or I'm gonna lose it. I've lived in this town for like a month and I haven't made a single friend. Well that's not completely true if you count the lady that teaches the dance classes at City. She says hi to me and tells me I'm doing a good job in the classes so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Alright Carpe Diem TayTay Carpe the freaking Diem. I’m gonna go to dance class. I’m gonna have some fun. I’m going to have a social life. I want to be normal eventually. I’m getting in the car. I can do this. Gonna do the thing.


Yooo that kid’s hot. Like damn. Like really. Like wow. But he sucks and he’s kinda stupid. How do you not know your left from your right? But I forgive him because I like his face.

It’s obviously my duty to teach him and give him extra practice time. I’m doing a service really. He needs help and I’m helping him. Gonna go talk to him. Yep, gonna do it, I’m doing it. Dammit the teacher lady wants me. I should really learn her name but whatever. Wait, I wasn't listening what did she say?

“I’m sorry what did you say?” Crap now she thinks I’m stupid.

“I said great job today Taylor.” Yep, that’s our whole friendship right there. “But before you go I wanted to talk to you about a job here.” What?

“What?” Look excited you idiot. Smile “I mean, what? Like you want me to teach another hip hop class?”

“Well, no. We already have hip hop instructors for all levels, but I overheard you talking about doing ballroom and I was hoping you could teach an advanced salsa class on Tuesday nights?” Uhh hell yeah I wanna teach an advance salsa class on Tuesday nights

“Yes, yes that’d be great. Thank you so much! Do I need to audition or something? Like bring in a partner and prove to you that I can do it?” Shit, that means I have to meet somebody,  convince them to be my partner, and create a routine and a bunch of other stressful crap I really don't wanna do.

“No, I trust you.” Why? “Honestly, the last instructor quit and I needed someone ASAP. Dont be offended? You really are a great dancer.” I’m not offended by money. And I needed some cause I just paid my rent and bills and I have exactly $17.62 in my bank account. Say yes dumbass. Oh and how much am I making?

“I’m not offended at all. I’m just glad to have a job. I’ll see you tuesday then?” Ok now leave before she changes her mind. “Bye!”

I have a job! Holy shit ouch! Good job Taylor you just ran knocked down a woman.
Dammit “I’m so sorry miss I was running and not paying attention and you probably hate me.”

She doesn’t look that mad, just preoccupied. Shit she’s about to talk stop staring! “It’s fine really. But I’ve got to go.”

And she went. Eventually I’m going to remember how to behave like a normal person.

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